Soaring Above & Beyond

Two years ago, shoreline resident, Rich Naccarato took a leap of faith. After 25 years in the cleaning and restoration business, he followed his dream, branched out on his own and created Phoenix Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. It has been growing rapidly ever since.

Just as the Phoenix name implies, sym­bolic of the mythological bird rising from fire, their catch phrase is “Large enough to pull you from the ashes … small enough to care!” Rich backs that up with everything the company does.

“Our customer is the home or business owner that has experienced property loss due to things like flood and fire:· Rich said. “We handle all damage from heavy rain and flooding, fire and smoke, snow, ice, wind, frozen pipes, fireplace soot and mold issues.”

Phoenix Cleaning & Restoration’s 6,200 square-foot facility is in Wallingford, but services the entire state of Connecticut. “We are full service in every sense of the word” assures Rich, “We clean out damaged spaces, pick up contents, clean, refurbish, store the items, and deliver them back to the home or office. We also restore and rebuild the structure that was compromised, handling everything from replacing windows, walls, ceilings, carpets, and more.”

The Phoenix facility has offices and per­sonnel to assist with insurance claims and paperwork, a storage warehouse, meeting rooms and sample rooms for clients to pick out new carpet, flooring, siding, cabinet styles, etc.

The company is comprised of four divisions: Just Contents division:pick-up, cleaning, storing, delivering contents; Cleaning division: cleaning/ restoring damaged items from interi­or fire or smoke; Water division: dry wall/ceiling extraction/carpet removal from water and mold; Restoration division: rebuilding everything from dry wall/painting to adding windows, roof…even framing a brand new structure.

“We are a contractor company but specialize in fire and water damage. We can deconstruct and rebuild an entire home if we need to.” Rich said. “Our quality of service makes us stand out,” he said. “We always go above and beyond! We give something called the ‘Phoenix pledge’. We ask the client for a list of everything they want done and exactly how they see the end result. We pledge to deliver that … and we do!” Also, with every job comes their ‘no smoke, no odor’ warranty.

It’s no wonder Phoenix Cleaning & Res­toration is the preferred vendor by most insurance companies, agents, property managers and public adjusters. They are on call 24/7 /365 and there is always a live representative answering the phone.

“We embrace the old-fashioned be­lief that the customer is always right. We simply make the headaches and the problems go away!”

Truly a family-owned business, Rich’s wife Marianne is office manager, their son, Rick works in the field, and daughters Mi­randa and Samantha both help out in the office when they are not in school.

On working and living together day and night, Marianne confides, “The truth is, I love it! Our relationship is better than ever. We know, first hand, what the other is feeling after a long day at work. After 25 years in corporate jobs, this is my favorite job ever!” “And she’s the best office manager I’ve ever worked with!” Rich quickly interjects.

He also beams with pride when he talks about his staff. “I believe happy workers are productive workers … so we have fun too! My key employees came along from the old company, without security, and took that leap of faith with me! They bet on the right horse. We’re doing well!”

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April 28, 2017